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Biographie Hino Genuine Parts: Truck Spare Parts You Should Have For Long-Term Performance

Similar to most businesses these days, many truck owners are also finding ways to stay competitive even with tight margins. So, it’s only natural that some are looking into using non-genuine vehicle parts to save some cash.

Our Genuine Parts Better?

Genuine Hino parts are auto components installed in a vehicle when it was first manufactured. They are built with the same exacting quality, durability, and reliability standards that every Hino truck is built to. These Hino parts are primarily more expensive compared to OEM products because they carry the company’s logo. However, despite the price, purchasing genuine products guarantees that you will have the same quality and durability as your vehicle.

With the many factors, you need to consider when buying Hino dealer parts, it’s always best to check out your options and create a comparison so you can make the right decision.

Do Aftermarket Parts Decrease Value?

Once the car has been completed, companies can start manufacturing Hino parts that’ll be suitable replacements for the said model. To do this, they need to purchase the rights to manufacture them. ;

You can expect that the aftermarket Hino parts will not always precisely look like genuine parts or OEM. Also, most aftermarket mods will depreciate, together with your vehicle’s value. ;

Nevertheless, if you want to ensure that you maximize the trade-in value of your car parts, then it’s highly advisable to avoid aftermarket parts done elsewhere than the factory. Doing vehicle upgrades using aftermarket products can potentially lower your vehicle’s overall market value.

What Is the Difference Between OEM and Genuine Parts?

OEM parts are components made by the manufacturer or produced by an external company to their specification. It means that these products are made separately from the vehicle during the manufacturing process. ;

Meanwhile, genuine Hino parts are components that came directly from the manufacturer supplied to its affiliates. These are parts initially installed in the car model when it leaves the factory. Primarily, they have higher prices compared to OEM because they carry the brand logo and its reputation. ;

Hino 700 Series 2848 vocational rigid: Review

Hino 700 Profia Parts On the road

Ergonomics were first-rate, with all controls and switches in easy reach. I particularly liked the mirror control layout, with well-separated knobs for the spotter and plane mirrors.

The pedal actions were well-matched. The go-pedal wasn’t too heavy or light and didn’t ‘bounce’ engine revs on rough roads. The stop-pedal action was powerful and progressive, but needed only for final stopping, thanks to the power of the Intarder.

The engine was highly responsive at our test weight of only 21 tonnes and fuel economy for Sydney-Brisbane of 3.14km/L reflected its effortless performance. However, our previous tests at 42.5 tonnes gross mass showed that 2848 was often happy with a half-gear downshift on highway grades and even in steep country I didn’t even need more than a whole gear drop at a time.

Warm weather didn’t provoke the fan into action at the low test GVM and on previous 42.5-tonnes-GCM tests it rarely kicked in. (When it did, it was much quieter than the fan in the 500 Series!)

2848 got up to highway cruising speed quickly and hit the ton with around 1700rpm on the clock. Gradeability was excellent and freeway undulations were handled in 16th most of the time.

Handling was well-controlled and predictable, with little cab sway, but the steering felt a tad light, without much cornering force feedback. The ride quality was very smooth.

The vision was as good as it gets. Large glass areas with triple windscreen wipers and superb, shake-free mirrors combined to give an excellent view of the outside world.

HINO 500 Parts

Every truck in a fleet is its driving force. It is the main tool for making money, so you can't afford downtime. When you need to repair your Hino 500, you want the right HINO 500 parts ;that will work without giving you trouble, and you need them to be in stock and ready to be shipped without delay. Because we know the importance of having your equipment up and running, we provide you with quality semi-truck products from the industry's largest manufacturers. Time is money in your business, so we ensure timely delivery to get your Hino 500 on the road faster. We also carry everything you may need to upgrade your semi-truck inside and out.

In this Hino parts catalog, you can also find some parts if you choose your car brand from the list below and then if you select the exact model with the year of manufacture and the type of engine. All the details are presented by categories and are grouped for convenience. In this online Hino parts store, you will be able to compare the prices of different suppliers and choose the appropriate option for you to order spare parts online.

Genuine Parts

Just like our trucks and buses, we’ve engineered our genuine parts with passion and precision, giving you the best in quality and reliability. With MITSUBISHI FUSO PARTS you can rest assured knowing your vehicle will see increased longevity, less downtime, and better resale value. By choosing FUSO Genuine Parts you’ll benefit from maximum performance and safety at all times. Contact your local Mitsubishi Fuso dealer for the quick supply of the genuine parts needed to keep your truck, and business, running at the top of its game.

Why FUSO Genuine Parts?

Lasting Durability

Our genuine parts have passed FUSO’s extremely demanding tests to ensure a high level of quality and durability.

Lasting Performance

Our genuine parts are designed exclusively for FUSO trucks and buses to ensure the best performance possible.

Genuine Accessories

FUSO’s comprehensive line of accessories provides over 300 parts for heavy, medium, and light-duty trucks and buses. Our Mitsubishi Fuso truck parts not only make your trucks look more attractive but can also help to improve fuel efficiencies and drivability. Contact your local Mitsubishi Fuso dealer for more information and parts available in your area to help make sure your truck or bus stands out from the crowd.

Why FUSO Genuine Accessories?

Attractive Lineup

A line-up for unsurpassed quality, elegance, and refinement.

High comfort

A line-up to ensure the highest driving comfort and customized design- tailored to individual requirements.

High Functionality

A line-up not only to ensure protection but also to boost functionality.

Customize your truck with “My FUSO” vehicle configurator

“My FUSO” ; lets you configure your ideal Super Great (HDT) by incorporating all major HDT body, cabin, and chassis variations as well as 76 Accessories, 6 Maker Options, and all 365 ‘Colored by Fuso’ paint colors. This 360-degree viewer can be accessed below. Please note that some of the vehicle models, options, and accessories in MY FUSO are applicable for Japan market only. Please contact your local distributor for details.

Let us tell you about Mitsubishi FUSO.

At Pacific Commercial Truck Solutions, we stand behind these powerful and durable commercial vehicles, because we know they’ll get the job done. Our customers confirm it!

High-powered performance isn’t the only reason we back Mitsubishi FUSO. Here are 4 reasons you’ll want to get your drivers into one of these trucks right away. ;

Fuel Economy

Fuel is an inevitable and unavoidable cost. However, you can lower your fuel costs if you purchase a fuel-efficient commercial vehicle.

FUSO offers two options: diesel and gas.

With either diesel or gas, FUSO beats Isuzu in terms of fuel economy. With diesel, FUSO is 7% better than Isuzu. With gasoline, FUSO is 10% better than Isuzu.

When you’re looking at a daily expense that considerably affects your total cost of ownership, it’s best to go with a commercial vehicle that will help lower fuel costs.

Regular commercial truck maintenance ensures that it’s always running in the best shape. When repairs are up to date, you can avoid major problems down the line.

Mitsubishi FUSO offers great reliability, resulting in far lower maintenance costs than its competitors. In fact, in a recent study by NationalLease, FUSO maintenance costs were 11% less than Isuzu.

Worker safety is paramount. In addition to the emotional and physical costs of worker injuries, you’d also be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and legal battles. ;

With Mitsubishi FUSO, you’ll have peace of mind. All of their trucks come with front and rear disc brakes that offer an additional safety margin. Comparatively, Isuzu offers front disc brakes, but only drum rear brakes.

A comprehensive warranty provides additional peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about repair costs, and you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is being repaired by those you trust. Plus, you can also reduce downtime and increase your productivity with a vehicle that has a comprehensive warranty. 
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